[Honest Review] Let Me Skin : Ultra H2O Modelling Mask varian Green [Charis Celeb]

by - Sunday, December 30, 2018

- Peel off mask but make 
your skin hydrated ! Super awesome ! -

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Hi girls! I'm back with another cutie review 😂 Ever tried peel-off mask? Is it feels like the mask pull your skin when you peel it off? I EVER TRIED that kind of mask, and since that, I dont want try any peel-off mask 😕 HOWEVER, this mask is DIFFERENT, the claim was so unique and different from other peel-off mask, so I give it a chance. Keep reading to get full information about this cute mask from Let Me Skin! 

This mask named Ultra H2O Modelling Mask. When I see the packaging, I feels like I'm sick :( It's because the packaging is a pill ! I want to eat that pill because the color is sooo cute 😂 This big pill has the green and yellow color, and the varian named GREEN. Every varian has different color, and different color has different function. This Green type is for soothe and moisturize skin. For the full varian / color, i'll show you their functions.
source : Charis Website (click)
Inside the pill, there are 2 sets of mask, 1 set contain 1 sachet of number 1 and 1 sachet of number 2. We also get the spoon for mix the mask, and the pill is the mixing bowl!

For me, 1 set of mask can be used twice, so i only use a half per sachet. Wait.. How to make this cute mask? When I see the sachet's packaging, there's only written on Korean Language (Hangul) 😂 Let Me Skin should make the translate on their packaging, I guess XD Luckily, there's Charis Website (click) that written on full English version so I can understand how to make this mask ! 

I really enjoy making this mask! Please view my instagram below for full version of How to Mix Let Me Skin Ultra H2O Modelling Mask!

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh WidyaLim 💄💋 GIVEAWAY - Blogger (@widyalimitedcom) pada

So, after use this mask, what I feel is :
💚 My skin feels well - hydrated and there's no tingling sensation. 
💚 Redness decrease and feels soothe
💚 Feels so happy because of peel-off parts xoxo

To be honest, this mask is great, but nothing more special (except the cuteness of the packaging and the happiness at the peel-off parts). I really enjoy the whole process, and the pills (mixing bowl) can be reuse forever XD 

The prices is around $19.6 (Rp.276.000) but you can get discount at Charis Website (click) so the prices is around $17 (Rp. 240.000) . If you want a cute mask, while make your skin hydrate (or any other claim, please check the previous picture), you can have this mask!

-this is not a sponsored post, but the products was given to me to be review as a collaboration with Charis. However, this post is 100% honest review, based on my own experience and online research-

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  1. packagingnya lucu banget, OMG!!! aku jadi penasaran juga donk pengen cobain maskernya

  2. Produk Korea ini terus berinovasi ya beb AHH entahlah making gila aja brand kosmetik ini sampe masker JG dlm kapsul

  3. mau masker ini dong aku 😭😭unyu2 banget sih packagingnya

  4. Ini maskeer gemas bgt seriusannn!!!! Sayang mau pakenya hahaha

  5. Latah juga nih aku pengen ikutan cobain hehe packagingnya pun gemesh

  6. Belum sempet coba huhu. Kok diriku makin kepo :(

  7. Aku gemes banget sama masker ini. Aku cobain yg warna biru

  8. ku suka banget sama produk ini ih beb, sayangnya harganya mahal, padahal pengen cobain yang warna pink nya hahaha

  9. Kemasan nya unik banget gitu ya kak.. Kirain aku ini tadinya apaan. Eheheheh

  10. Packagingnya super imuttt suka banget liatnya 😭 so cutee

  11. Packaging unyu banget. Bisa nih di jadiin props beb

  12. Kok pada pilih yg ijo sih. Aku punyanya yg pink hehehe gemes! Aku suka bgt sam aproduk ini :D


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