[Honest Review] Hyggee All in One H2 Soap , is it Worth the Price? [Charis Celeb]

by - Wednesday, August 01, 2018

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Heyyoo again, girls! I am back with another review 😀 I'll share about Hyggee All in One H2 Soap. This is a bar soap, but this is for your face, not body. At first, i was confused to use it on my face, and thought that this soap will quickly run out, but I was wrong and found out an amazing function of this soap. Want to know more? Keep reading, babes! I'll share anything i found here 😗

Hyggee All in One H2 Soap

About Hyggee Korea

Hyggee is a Korean brand that has a philosophy that all we need is less. They create every products with all-in-one function, so the skincare steps will become a minimal steps. They realized that applying too much product on our face can do more harm than good, since excess products do not get absorbed into the skin but only clog the pores and cause irritation. `Less’ rather than ‘more’ is their tagline. Based on their website en.hyggee.com , they have  3 range of products : skincare, cleansing, and mask. 

For the skincare, there are 2 kind of products : all in one products (include cream, face mist, essence) and one step facial essence (include balance and fresh type). For the cleansing, there are 3 products : cleansing foam, cleansing water, and H2 Soap. Last one, the mask, they only have sheet masks type with 3 range of functions : wrinkle care, tightening - firming, and whitening mask. So, they only have 11 products in total, and most of their products claims one products for multifunctional purposes.

Ok, now i'll share everything i now (include my experience) about Hyggee All in One H2 Soap.


Cute Cardbox for Packaging 😍

The product comes with a cute cardbox box that seems like a pillow. At the left and right side of the box, you can open it easily because they don't glued nor wrapped it. I think this is the first time I saw the skincare products like this, and it gives me an excited feelings when open it (for me, packaging is an important aspect, and I love this kind of packaging so much!).

Back Part of the Packaging

At the back of packaging, there are only few information we can get, because most of the information written on Hangul (Korean's language) 😂😂 Luckily, they put their website so I can check 'em. The direct website www.hyggee.com is written on Hangul as well, so if you want to check the English version, you can check en.hyggee.com , you're welcome! 😂

Inside the box, you will get the soap bar, still wrapped in kind of tissue paper ( i don't sure if it's a tissue paper, don't know how to called it, it is not a plastick, sorry guys 😂) that makes the soap is safely hygienic. You'll also get the instruction (and some more information) written on a artpaper, but again, in Hangul 😂 They should have some translation, please.. i want to know what's written on it 😂

What inside the box

The soap itself have a general fragrance as a soap bar. Nothing special i guess, and at the first time, i was like "this is not gonna work" (a little underestimate, sorry). However, I WAS TOTALLY WRONG.


I can't read the full ingredients from it's packaging, they only wrote the main ingredients. I have search and found an onlineshop that wrote the ingredients. The main ingredients is some of plant extract oil, including coconut oil powder, raisinseed oil, plumseed oil, avocado oil, etc. Most of them have a similar purpose : anti inflamation and anti aging. Some of them contain lauric acid (for anti inflamation, anti bacterial purpose) and some of them contain vitamins A, C, D, and E (for deeply moisturizing, anti aging and antioxidant as well). So, this soap should be great for acne prone skin (it's me!)

However, it may not suitable for anyone who can't use any fatty acids because it contain avocado oil (contain omega-3 fatty acids), so don't forget to test patch everything to your skin before you use it!

Ingredients :  coconut oil powder, silver, raisinseed oil, plumseed oil, avocado oil, armeniae oil, omijaseed extract, casterseed oil, glycerin, licorice, bamboo salt, (Cosam) Shrubby sophora, white lotus, goldthread, codonopsisi, mung beans, pine incense, hydrogen gas.  

How to Use

First, i usually clean my makeup and some dirts using a cleansing water (from any brand) before use this Hyggee H2 Soap. Then, I wet the soap and start to make foam from it. 

Make some bubbles

After the foam is enough, i start wash my face use the foam, so the soap itself doen't directly touch my face. Use the circular motion all over the face (and neck, if needed). 

Use the foam to wash your face
Gently massages your face, to make your face healthier. Then, wash your face using water.

Opinion about This Product

After use this soap bar about two weeks, my skin feels so much better. First, i feels my skin doesn't tight after doing facial wash, and feels well moistured. From Hyggee's claim, this soap can "locked up" the moist, and maybe this is what i feels. My skin type is dry and sensitive, so this soap is doing something good to my skin. 

Second, i also have an acne prone skin problems. I can't see the difference from my acne problems within this two weeks. My acne (and the redness) still there, maybe because it's hormonal acne, so yeah, i don't expect much from this soap. For me, well moist to my skin is enough tho 😂

Third, for the tone up claims, honestly said, i feels somehow it makes my skin brighter naturally. For those who search something to tone up their skin, this soap might be lovely. For me, i don't really care xoxo.. i love both tanned and fair skin, so yeah, not a really big deal for me 😂

Last but not least, this soap can also use for your body. So, if you're a lazy one (like me), you can use both for face and body.

Prices and Where to Buy

You can get this all-in-one H2 Soap at Hicharis online store (click) with special discount, and it sells worldwide! The prices is quite expensive, i know, but THIS SOAP LAST LIKE FOREVER xoxo.. I have used it for two weeks with a tiny cuts, and it feels like doesn't reduce at all 😂 like....how can??? 😂 From my mathematics mind, $15 for 10 months is okay, right? 😂


+ the foam is very soft and gentle cleanse (suitable for sensitive skin)
+ doen't feels tight after use
+ well moisture after use
+ can use for body soap

o should be cut to keep the hygienic of the soap
o a little pricey (but you'll use it for a long time)

- doesn't help with acne problem (or might be help after long term of use)

Is it recommended? YES, especially for sensitive skin 😁

-this is not a sponsored post, but the products was given to me to be review. This post is 100% honest review, based on my own experience and online research-

References : stylekorean.com , hicharis.net , cosdna.com

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  1. Quite pricey, but it seems totally worth it to try from this review 💖

  2. Packagingnya bagus ya bersih gt karna warna putih,😍

  3. Oh girl, the packaging looks like a hotel soap 😁

  4. Keren juga sih ya kalo gak bikin kulit ketarik abis pake nya. Biasanya kan banyak sabun Batang yg bikin efek ketarik abis dibilas. 😍

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  7. Sayang ya kurang membantu acne problem pdhl agak pricey

  8. Mirip sabun hotel sih tapi lebih bagus jelas yaa hho

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