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by - Friday, May 04, 2018

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Hello everyone! Welcome again to my sites πŸ˜™
Today, I'll share to you about my current lip products that I use almost everyday! It is a lip tattoo pen from Wangskin πŸ˜€

Wangskin Lip Tattoo Pen shade Orange and Pink
What is lip tattoo? Is it hurt?

So, Wangskin is a cosmetics brand from Korea. They have some products, including Lip Tattoo. Their lip tattoo has three shades : Red, Pink, and Orange. I'll share to you about the product in general, and about two shades that I ever tried.

What is Lip Tattoo Pen?

Based on my knowledge, lip tattoo is a long-lasting product for your lips. Don't worry, this product is save to wear on your lips, and doesn't hurt at all. This lip tattoo is not an injection's product, the results is basically like lip tint, but last longer on your lips. What an amazing products, is it? 😁


Packaging of Wangskin Lip Tattoo

The product comes with a box and a 15gr product in tube. Both of packaging (the boxes and the tubes) represents the color inside, which is great. You will not feel confuse if you have all of the three different shades πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Tube's packaging (front and back)

At the back of the tube's packaging, they printed the PAO (period after opened). You can use this lip tattoo pen until six months (6M) after you opened it. This product made in Korea, and the quality of this product is amazing and natural at the same time, for sure (I can tell even if I haven't tried it πŸ˜‚ ) 

The tube is made of plastic but sturdy and strong enough, you can safely bring it when travelling. Besides, the size of packaging is quite small and don't spend much space (I have tried to bring it when I travelling, and this lip tattoo pen helps me a lot, my current go-to everyday!)

Applicator of Lip Tattoo Pen

Inside the cap, there is a small hole for the way out for the product itself. The applicator is merged with the tube. The applicator is a bit tilted so it makes us feel easier to apply the product. Be careful if you're opening the cap / cover of the tube, the product may suddenly came out.

Color, Pigmentation, and Texture

Lip Tattoo Pen shade Orange

The texture of this lip tattoo is more like gel. It is quite thick, and a little hard to move if it is attached. However, it still can be use easily, both for the arm swatch and for the lips swatch. 

Arm Swatch for the Lip Tattoo Pen shade Pink and Orange

At the first applied, the gel texture will slowly dry up. It can take 10 minutes if you applied it thinly, and about 20 minutes if you applied it thickly. Do not touch the product when it is not dry completely, or you will mess it up πŸ˜‚ After the product completely dry up, we can peel it off. Don't worry! It is not hurt at all!

Time to Pell It Off !

After you peel off the lip tattoo, the color will stain for at least 12 hours! Trust me, I have tried from 7 AM to 8 PM and it still have the color! What an amazing product!! However, it faded as you eat and drink, but the stain's color still there 😘  

Wangskin Lip Tattoo can cover my dark lips!
Before you apply this lip tattoo, don't use any lip balm! This lip tattoo can helps you to exfoliate your lips, and moist your lips at the same time! Besides, it also can cover my dark lips but still look natural! HOW CAN?? THIS IS A DAMN GREAT PRODUCT!! AAKK ME LOVE THIIISSS!!! (However, you can still use a lip balm after you peel it off, if you want to add a SPF's lip balm)

Prices and Where to Buy

The normal price is $9.99 , but you can get SPECIAL price from me! Click here to get special price : $5.80 (42% off!) ! You can also get special discount $5 if you are a new member of Charis Sites! I'll post how to get the $5 discount and step by step to order in my next blogpost, OK? 😁😁

Don't worry about the prices, the payment, and the shipment! Charis provide WORLDWIDE shipping, and both of worldwide payment and local payment! If you're Indonesian's residence like me, you can pay your order at Indomaret! HOW COOL IS THAT!! The shipment is about 2 weeks after your payment πŸ˜—


+ The color will stain for 12 hours or more
+ The packaging is great! Travel friendly!
+ Help to exfoliate and moist lips at the same time
+ Doesn't smudge and faded easily
+ The peel off step doesn't hurt

o Have to spend about 10-20 minutes to dry up completely (hey, you can do your makeup while wating!)
o Will faded slowly as you eat (especially heavy meal)
o It will be great if they have another shades (maybe brown, purple, mauve etc? πŸ˜€)

- Have nothing to complain :")

If you want to see the lip swatches of the pink shade, please kindly go to my lovely friend's blog, click here! 

Thankyou for reading my post, see you next time! πŸ˜—

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30 komentar

  1. Aku juga punya beb tapi warna merah.. suka sama lip tattoo ini.. the best deh :)

    1. duuh coba km di bandung.. aku pinjem deh buat swatch wkwkwk.. emang bagus bgt yaakk :3

  2. Replies
    1. ga luntur tp sedikit berkurang.. aku pake 13 jam.. 3 kali heavy meal, 2 kali snack.. masih ada warnanya setelah 13 jam itu wkwkwk..

  3. Hooo... Ku belum review iniiih, semoga minggu ini bisa up πŸ˜…

    1. semangat teeh.. ntar berkabar aja biar bisa saling backlink wkwkwkwk :D

  4. Replies
    1. percayalah ini bagus dan worth to try :3 murceuu pulaa wkwkwk

  5. aq sih ga pernah pake lip tattoo rasanya aneh karna harus dikelupas gitu...

    1. iya siih tp ini bagus loh kak, sekalian exfoliate kulit mati di bibir XD worth to try XD

  6. Yess, ini lip tatto favorite aku 😍😍

  7. Aku kemaren apply produk ini tapi ga di approve haha XX

  8. Yang orange malah jd kaya nude nude lucu gitu yaaa. Kalo di bibir ku yang pink bakalan bhaaiii...pucet ga keliatan juga pasti

    1. nude orang ish gt kaak.. ga kook ga pucet aslinyaa wkwk bibir aku kan agak gelap jd warnanya segitu XD

  9. Aku juga punya nih. Kalau mau pke ini harus siapin waktu lama buat dandanπŸ˜†

    1. pake paling awal sebelum skincare kak wkwkwk biar ga kerasa lama XD

  10. Aku ga apply ini, karna ku takut warnanya jedeeerrr dan susah ilang πŸ˜‚ ternyata hasilnya cukup natural ya hah

  11. Wew.. Pake bahasa inggrisss 😍 keren kak. Aku pake ini juga awet banget nih, gampang di peel off pula


    1. biar internesyenel dong len wkwkwk.. iya ku juga sukaa 😍

  12. Kok punyak 2 :(((((( mau 1 cobain yg orennn

    1. yg pink punya kak Demia beb wkwk.. yg oren punyakuu XD siniii ke bdg XD

  13. Sering lihat ini direkomendasjkan para beauty vlogger. Pengen banget beliii. Racuun nih. Makasih sharingnya. Salam, muthihauradotcom

    1. cus beli kak.. klo beli pake akun baru, dapet potongan $5 , klo trf sebelum tgl 20 juni, dapet bonus 1 lipstik dari Romand. Jatohnya jd murah bangeeett :D
      jangan lupa order pake link aku yaa biar harga spesial hihiii :D