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by - Monday, March 12, 2018

Hi everyone ! Welcome to my personal blog ^^

My name is Widya Lim, you can call me Widya, or Cici Widya if you are 3 years younger than me :p 
How old am I? Can you guess? 😃

I’m a beauty enthusiast, I started my hobby in beauty and fashion industries since 2015 in Instagram, but never using blog nor youtube. Finally, I decided to make a blog because I love to share my thoughts, my opinion, and my review to all over the world, and I think blog can reach so much people, because in this era, internet make everything’s possible, right? 😄 I can write more words and more details about everything here.

I lived in Indonesia,(Bandung), so some of my posts will be in Bahasa Indonesia, but if I have a little time, I’ll translate it to English so everyone can read and share their thoughts about my posts. I'm not a professional blogger, but I love to learn something new ^^

My concern in this blog is all about beauty, including skincare, makeup, makeup tools, haircare, etc. I'll try to make a clear category, so you can check out based on your needs. You can find it at the right side of this blog (pages based category). However, i also love to travel, do some interesting stuffs, attend an event, etc. So, I'll make another category for it. For example, maybe i'll write about an interesting cafe review in Bandung. I hope I can share all my favorite stuffs to you!

If you want to know more about me, you can check the left side on this blog, there are some of my "secrets", including my skin type, my social media, my communities, etc. You can also follow me on Instagram : @widyalimitedcom to get closer to know me, if you are interested ^^

If you’re from a brand management or marketing and want to ask anything about me or my post, you can contact me on email :

and kindly write the subject based on your purpose (example : event invitation, partnership offering, etc). Simply use Bahasa Indonesia if you're from Indonesia.

Thankyou for coming here, see you in my next post ! ^^

With Love, 💌

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